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Pure Whole Chia Seeds 64 Dry oz

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Pure Whole Chia Seed

We’ve all heard of Chia pets but have you heard of Chia for your pets? It’s a simple and amazing superfood with a multitude of health benefits. 

Chia Seed for your pet:

-Promotes a shiny, healthy coat, feathers, hoofs, bones, joints and ligaments.

 -Highest level of Omega-3 Essential fatty acids with a perfect ration of 3:1 (Omega -3 to Omega-6).

 -Easily digested (no hard outer shell or husk like Flax or Psyllium).

-A Low NSC supplement (Non-Structural Carbohydrate):  Excellent choice for dogs, cats, horses with an insulin resistant, diabetic condition.

-Hydrophilic; Chia absorbs an average of 12X it’s weight therefore delivering all it’s nutrients like a “sustained release” capsule.  This aids in the delivery of the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and antioxidants while absorbing the “waste” needing to be eliminated in the gut (including sand in horses) and soothing to those with ulcers by balancing the stomach acid production.

-Chia tastes good!  With a very mild, highly palatable taste, even the most finicky animal will lick it up!

-Packed with protein at 20% with a complete source of amino acids.

-High in soluble fiber 37g/100g of Chia.

-Stable shelf life (2 years) if stored in dry, cool location.  Due to high level of antioxidants it won’t go rancid as easily as Flax seed or other supplements.

-Great for your backyard chickens & pet birds!  Chia is high in Boron & the Omega 3 & 6 essential oils that help those hens lay healthy eggs and still maintain health bone structure & feathering.

-A little goes a long way!

-An ancient whole food that stabilizes glucose levels, adds endurance, stabilizes energy, balancing to hormones, balances electrolytes, aids the digestive tract and makes your pet looking good, feeling great and being happy!

Ingredient: Whole Chia Seed 


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