Nepenthe Naturals mission is to offer you effective, high-quality, reasonably priced, truly natural products for your furry companions’ ultimate health.

 Each product is made with the finest ingredients that have been used by ancient cultures for centuries.  Nepenthe Naturals prides itself on listening to the ancient wisdom from herbalists, indigenous cultures and natural healers and has created products that do the job of a multitude of stand-alone products –all without the fillers, chemical stabilizers, artificial flavors/colors, safety warnings, high costs and marketing jargon. 

Nepenthe Naturals was created after having a special horse named, Blue come into my life.  He is the inspiration that has led me on this journey to find natural products that would support and heal the most sensitive of creatures, Horses.

Thank you for loving your furry companions and offering them time tested, ancestor endorsed, healthy and environmentally conscious support.  Enjoy and I would love to hear from you.